Okay, okay… We know this is not technically an “international trip” as it is U.S. territory, but with the vast cultural differences and driving on the left side of the road, it might as well be.

A third of the 104,700 residents live below the poverty line with per capita annual income approximately $13,139, around 35 percent below that of Mississippi, the poorest state in America, according to Census Bureau data.

Additionally, The rate of child poverty is anywhere from 35% to 45%, depending on the source. Needless to say, there is plenty of work to be done on this beautiful island.



CHWC Campers will work along side the local diocese as we be help to fix up local churches. We will visit with abused children, the elderly, disabled and local residents of the community. We will enjoy creating art and playing games with nearby school children. Additionally, we will assist in repairing the actual retreat center that we will be housed in, as the diocese hopes to use it as a youth center for local students. Prayerfully consider joining us to serve in St. Croix.

Please note, projects are subject to change and specific projects are not be finalized until a few weeks before the trip.


One of the many reasons we love St. Croix is because of the number of flights and the reasonable costs of them.

Groups will fly into Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on St. Croix (STX). 

  • We will work and stay in the city of Frederiksted. It is just under a 15 minute ride, from the airport to Frederiksted. We will have a CHWC representative pick up all campers and ride the bus with them.


Since this Island is a U.S. Territory… You are not required to have a passport. However, If you already have a passport, it’s still a good idea to bring it along, it only helps to speed up your time at the airport.

  • If you do not have a passport, you are required to bring…
    a valid government photo ID. (Drivers license or DMV issued state ID)
  • If you do not have a passport OR valid government photo ID…
    then you will need to provide, a general photo ID (school or work badge) AND your original birth certificate, with the raised seal.


St. Mary's Catholic School
Located downtown in the town Christiansted, St. Croix U.S.V.I.

Sleeping Details: Bunk beds.

Free Day.

Options include... 

Visiting some of the many beautiful beaches.
Snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, island boat tour.
Exploring Point Udall; The Easternmost point in the United States.